3 Reasons Your Chimney Is Leaking

Chimneys can leak for a variety of reasons. And once it starts leaking, it can lead to a multitude of other problems. Knowing the root cause of the issue can help you make a better repair decision, so let’s start with the most common causes.

3 Reasons Your Chimney Is Leaking

Reason #1: Flashing Issue

One of the most common repairs with chimneys is from flashing issues. The flashing is the material, usually aluminum, that surrounds the part of the chimney from your rooftop. This metal part of the chimney is meant to form a waterproof seal between your roof and chimney. This is susceptible to leaking because flashing is difficult to install and flashing is also prone to rust, which can cause a leak over time.

Reason #2: Deteriorating Mortar

The mortar is what cements the masonry and holds it together — and it doesn’t last longer than 25 years (meanwhile the stones can last for centuries). When the mortar begins to deteriorate, moisture can pour into the chimney structure. And if the mortar isn’t replaced, the chimney can lean or collapse.

Reason #3: No Chimney Cap

This part is not necessarily required when a chimney is installed, however, its a very important feature. The chimney cap prevents rain from pouring into your chimney and causing various moisture issues.

Just these three reasons alone are three reasons why you should schedule annual chimney and roof inspection. Professionals can help you prevent any issues and find any repairs before they become bigger issues.

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