Roof Algae: What is it and How Do I Remove it?

Roof with green algae on top

Even though it’s not easy to spot, unless you’re extremely tall, roof algae could form all over your roof. Not only is it unsightly when found, but it can also be dangerous if left to grow and accumulate. Left untreated, it could lead to the growth of mold and mildew that can destroy your home’s interior as well as affect your health.

Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of this issue and tackle it safely. The experts here at JM Roofing and Siding know why this substance forms, how to remove everything from your roof and home, and how to keep it from forming again in the future. 

What is Roof Algae?

There are many different types of algae, but the two most common types found on roofs are black and green algae. Black algae is more difficult to remove than green because black algae grows in moist areas, while green thrives on dry surfaces. If the top of your house has a lot of dead vegetation or other organic material that can harbor moisture, then your risk for algae growth increases. 

How do Your Remove Roof Algae?

If you find this problem on your home, gently scrub your roof with a soft bristle brush, rinse with water, and avoid using soap. Rinsing the area well will help to remove all traces of algae! If you do use soap, be sure to rinse off any residue completely, or else the soap may discolor your shingles. Repeat this process regularly (weekly or bi-weekly), especially during hot summer months, to prevent further growth of algae on your roof.

Best Practices to Avoid Roof Algae in the Future

Simply put, maintenance is the best preventative practice for protecting your humble abode! The best way to avoid roof algae in the future is to stay on top of your maintenance and have your roof inspected at least once every year. However, if you are having trouble cleaning up an established growth, professional help might be needed.

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How to Determine if Your Roof Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

Roof being redone

Roofs are expensive, and replacing an entire roof can be even more so. The best way to cut down on these costs is to ensure you’re getting the most out of your current roof. If it’s in good shape, you can get several more years out of it by repairing it as needed. However, if it’s completely worn out or badly damaged, it might be time to install a new one. By following these steps, you’ll be able to know for sure whether your roof needs repair or replacement.

Is Your Roof Worn Out?

Over time, it’s normal for roofs to become worn out and damaged. But whether or not it’s battered to the point of needing an enter replacement depends. One of the main indicators that your roof is worn out is missing, curling, or cracked shingles. If you notice these signs, it’s time to repair your roof. However, if it’s falling apart, breaking off, or not providing proper protection — a replacement is in order!

Does Your Roof Leak?

One of the first things you’ll want to check for is whether or not your roof is leaking. If you notice any water stains on your ceiling, it’s a good indication that your roof is leaking and needs to be repaired or replaced. If you are experiencing heavy amounts of water damage issues, it’s time to start anew with your roofing. 

Are There Safety Concerns?

If your roof leaks, has structural damage or is missing shingles, it probably needs to be repaired. However, if more than half of your roof is damaged, it may be time to replace it. Replacing your roof can be a big investment, but keeping you and your family safe all year long is essential. 

Have a Professional Help You Decide

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and it needs to be in good condition to protect the rest of your house from the elements. If you suspect that your roof needs repair or replacement, consider contacting a professional roofing company to help you decide what is best for your needs. 

It would help if you also had your roof inspected at least once every 3-5 years by a licensed and qualified inspector who can honestly assess your roof’s current state. 

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3 Signs Your Windows Need to be Replaced

Window repairs are often overlooked in the spring and summer months, but neglecting to repair or replace a faulty window could be costly this upcoming summer season. After all, with hot weather comes hotter temperatures that can lead to leaking windows and other problems. If you notice any signs of water damage or a faulty window, now is the time to act! Read on for three indications that could mean it’s time for new windows: 

1. Water Damage

If you notice any puddles on the floor near your window after it rains, there might be an issue with your window that is causing leaks. This is because there might be an issue with the window sealant, which needs to be replaced. This can lead to water damage and even mold build-up. Another reason for water to get into your home through your windows is if they have not been updated in a long time. 

After years of hot and cold weather, protecting you from rain and wind, as well as offering natural light, it makes sense that they can start to become weaker over time. Cracks and breaks are possible, along with issues with your screens. Water loves to get into spots that you sometimes might not even notice. 

2. Loose Seals

As stated before, many people are not aware that their window sealant may require replacement. If you notice any obvious spikes in your energy bills, it is possible that the bond on your windows is loose and needs to be replaced.

3. Drafts

Notice an obvious difference in temperature near certain windows throughout your home? Sometimes it’s not as easy to notice a loose seal in your windows, but homeowners will certainly be able to detect drafts. Besides a change in energy bills, you’ll also feel your cool air escaping during a warm day, no matter how high you put your AC, and vice versa for cold days and your heating. 

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Will Roof Vents Prevent Condensation?

When it comes to keeping your attic cool and free of condensation, it requires proper ventilation. Not only that, but it also helps regulate temperature control in your home to make it energy efficient. There are many ways ventilation helps, not just with condensation, making it an essential part of roof maintenance and installation. Here’s a full, in-depth look at roof vents and why you should make sure yours are up to par this season. 

Negative Effects of Condensation

Condensation can be a huge problem for your attic, causing mold and mildew to grow. This will also cause moisture damage to your home’s insulation. Roof vents are often overlooked when preventing condensation, but they’re an easy and inexpensive way to reduce the risk of getting moisture in your home.

Is Condensation Normal to Have?

Surprisingly, many homeowners tend to find condensation in their attic and nearby areas. It’s estimated that about 1 in 5 houses deals with this problem yearly. Some common signs of condensation include: 

  • Dampness throughout your attic or roof
  • Water accumulation inside your roof tiles
  • Water damage on your roof membrane 
  • Mold or mildew build-up
  • Strange smells in your attic

How Roof Vents Help With Condensation

The purpose of roof vents is to regulate the temperature in your attic or roof space. The air will stay fresh as it circulates and reduces any risk of condensation. So, with this space keeping a moderate climate, intense temperatures cannot get inside and cause a build-up of moisture levels. 

It Also Protects From Intense Heat

Not only do your roof vents help with moisture control, but they also ensure your roof doesn’t get too hot in the spring and summer. Properly installed roof vents can provide relief from excessive heat in the attic. Roof vents are designed to expel warm air out of an attic to circulate new, cooler air. 

So, if it’s been a while since you last had your roof vents updated, our JM Roofing and Siding team is here to help! 

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Our team of experienced and professional roofing contractors looks forward to serving Connecticut residents’ roofing needs. We can thoroughly examine the roof, identify the underlying problem, and make the needed corrections. Homeowners who notice any preceding concerns are urged to contact us as soon as possible.

Can Roof Moss be Composted?

It is a common occurrence for roofs to get moss on them. It can be unsightly and detract from the curb appeal of your home. While some types of moss are beneficial to the environment, most roof moss is more of an issue than anything else. Roof moss can block sunlight from getting into your home and increase cooling costs by up to 20%. Luckily, removing this problem is quick, easy, and eco-friendly!

Why Does Moss Form?

Often, moss, algae, and other issues will form on your roof due to moisture and outdoor debris. The more water gets on your roof or debris ends up stuck, the more it will be susceptible to turning green. Also, parts of your roof that receive the least amount of sun tend to get these moss spots more easily. 

How to Remove Moss From Your Roof

No matter how confident you are in your home maintenance skills, removing the moss from your roof is a matter that is best left to professionals. This is suggested mainly because moss can create slippery surfaces, making climbing up unsafe for homeowners. 

A professional will come in and hose off the worst areas downwards with water. After, they’ll utilize a soft-bristle scrub brush to remove any remaining moss. Professionals will know how to go about this without lifting up your shingles or damaging them. 

How to Compost The Moss

Any leftover amounts of moss that washed down from your roof can, in fact, be composted! Whether you are placing it in a composting bin or throwing some into your garden, try to avoid adding too much. Moss can spread easily, so as long as it’s a smaller amount and mainly the ones that fell off your roof in pieces after getting washed off, it can provide a nutrient-rich environment in its new home. 

And if any leaks or damage occurred due to the large build-up of moss on your roof, our team here at JM Roofing is here to assist you with all your repair and maintenance needs! 

Roofing Experts of Norwalk

Our team of experienced and professional roofing contractors looks forward to serving Connecticut residents’ roofing needs. We can thoroughly examine the roof, identify the underlying problem, and make the needed corrections. Homeowners who notice any preceding concerns are urged to contact us as soon as possible.

Tips To Prepare For Daylight Savings

The time changes this Sunday! For most of us, it means the days will be longer, and we’ll have more sunlight in the evenings. The downside? It could cause a bit of a bump in your daily routine or the structure of your home. So, now is the time to start preparing for this change so that you can transition into these longer days with ease! 

Daylight Savings is Coming: How To Prepare Your Home And Yourself

Get Plenty of Sleep

Springing forward means losing an entire hour of sleep! Sleep helps our bodies recover from any wear and tear that may have happened during the day, as well as help us reset our biological clock, so we’re ready for a new day. So, be sure to try and get to bed a little earlier this Saturday night. It won’t do you any good falling behind on sleep. 

Change Your Clocks

We live in a day and age where many of our devices and clocks will update automatically. However, every now and then, there are a few that will need to be changed manually. From your car clock to that timer on your oven, remember to put them all ahead by one hour. 

Clean Your Windows

Skipping ahead an hour also means longer days! With the sun sticking around more daily, that means it’s time to let the light into your home. So, give your windows a good clean so that the sun’s rays can reach in and give you some warmth and comfort this spring season; it will feel like a breath of fresh air! 

Get Your Roof Inspected

Daylight savings is one of the first marks of the change in season. We’re springing forward towards spring, and the spring season means lots of rain is on the way. Get your roof inspected for any cracks or breaks in the shingles or structure — that way, you can get through the season seamlessly and avoid any water damage issues. 

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Our team of experienced and professional roofing contractors looks forward to serving Connecticut residents’ roofing needs. We can thoroughly examine the roof, identify the underlying problem, and make the needed corrections. Homeowners who notice any preceding concerns are urged to contact us as soon as possible.

How to Find a Roof That Fits the Aesthetic of Your Home

nice colonial home with green siding on a nice green property

What do you think about when you hear the word “roof”? A large piece of durable material to protect your home from rain and snow? That’s not wrong, but there is more to it than that. When looking for a roof for your home, consider the aesthetic of your house first. That’s why we’re going to give you some tips on how to find a roof that matches the design of your home.

Evaluate What Type of Roof You Need

Finding a roof that matches the aesthetic of your home is essential. The first step in this process is to evaluate what type of roof you need. For example, if you have a ranch-style house with an attic or full basement, a hipped roof would likely be the best option for you. A hip roof has two sloping sides and looks like an A from above; when these roofs are constructed, they create lots of space on top that can be used in homes with large windows. 

Make Sure It Matches Your Home’s Exterior 

When looking for a roof, it’s important to make sure it matches what you want in your home’s exterior. You may want to find one that complements the architectural style of your home or makes use of materials in the same color palette. Aesthetic elements such as material, color, and shape must be considered when selecting a new roof. 

A key consideration is matching colors and textures, so the roof doesn’t clash with the rest of your home. 

Consult a Professional

If you have a lot of ideas for what you’re looking for in a roof but are unsure how to approach the refinishing process, it’s time to contact a professional. Finding something that fits with both your home design and personal style requires a roofing professional’s expertise to help guide you through the process. They can give you detailed walkthroughs of the type of materials needed, color recommendations, or shape. They’ll know how to take your vision and bring it to life.

Home Upgrades: What to Keep in Mind

Man working on interior walls of home

A new year means a fresh start with projects you may have set aside. So, now is the time to sit down and think about what kind of renovations you’d like to do to your home! Whether it’s a simple room upgrade or a new roofing installation, there are many options and ideas to consider. And with each project, there are important tips to keep in mind: 

Be Realistic and Prioritize

The best way to get the most out of an upgrade is by making a list of what needs attention and then prioritizing it based on importance. Has it been a while since you last upgraded your roof? Or is your siding not as structurally sound as it used to be? Decide where would be best to start to ensure your home is in tip-top shape as soon as possible! 

Consider Your Budget

Be sure to consider how much money you have available for renovations and plan out how much money you’ll need upfront, depending on the project. An inadequate budget can lead to spending more than planned or not completing the desired renovation because of a lack of materials. Planning your budget is an essential part of the home renovation process. 

Find The Right Contractors

Find out how much work it will take for contractors and designers by contacting them and setting up appointments. They must see the space or area that needs renovations to give you accurate estimates on cost and time frame. Do your research, check customer reviews, and keep in touch with the team helping you. The closer relationship you build with your contractor, the better the communication will be. And your project will be completed in no time! 

Are you looking to upgrade your roofing and/or siding? From complete roof installations and replacements to siding repair and installation, you can count on JM Roofing & Siding for exceptional service.

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Why Having Multiple Trees Around Your House is Good and Bad

Beautiful white color single family home in Phoenix, Arizona USA with big green grass yard, large tree and roses

A beautiful yard can help you enjoy more time outdoors and boost your curb appeal, and trees can play a significant role in the appearance of your property. Aside from beauty, trees have many different benefits when added to your landscape.  

Take a look at the pros and cons of having trees on your property:


  • Privacy – Trees of varying sizes can block neighbors from seeing your yard or inside your house, helping you to feel more comfortable with your privacy. 
  • Shade – Every balanced yard has a fair amount of shade, so you don’t always have to be worrying about too much heat and sunlight while enjoying your backyard space. Trees are a big asset when it comes to shade coverage. 
  • They become a part of your ecosystem – Trees are a beautiful part of nature and are great for framing your property, but more than just providing us with benefits, trees benefit your backyard’s ecosystem. Once planted, animals and insects will have shelter and food that will make them right at home.


  • Root growth – The roots of planted trees can overgrow and interfere with other areas of your yard, which is why many are careful not to plant trees too close to the house. 
  • They grow slowly – If you’re looking for a fast way to boost your yard appeal, planting trees isn’t your best option. Trees take years and even decades to reach their full size.
  • Storm dangers – When severe weather hits, tree limbs can break, and the tree’s base can be uprooted and potentially fall on your roof or in your home. This is why it’s crucial to trim branches and remove any trees with a weakened structure. If any trees or debris fall on your roof, call your local roofers to inspect and assess and fix any damages.  

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When Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

A roofer and crew work on putting in new roofing shingles. Small local business serving local families in Washington State.

Roof inspections are essential for any homeowner’s to-do list to ensure a properly functioning roofing system; after all, your roof protects your home and everything inside of it. If you’re wondering if your roof needs an inspection, then it’s time to call your local roofers in CT for professional advice.  

Take a look at these important times to get a roof inspection done:

Signs of Damage

If you notice any missing or fallen shingles, leaks, water damage, holes, moss growth, or other concerning signs of wear and tear, call your local roofers for an inspection right away. The longer you wait, the more costly the damage can be.  

Following a Storm

High winds, heavy rain, hail, and other severe weather conditions can cause serious damage to your roof, since it’s taking the brunt while it protects you and your home. The only way to be certain the weather or debris hasn’t created leaks, misplaced shingles, or harmed your home’s roofing system is to get a thorough inspection done and get repairs done as soon as possible.


Every roof has a lifespan depending on the material, the climate, and the quality of the craftsmanship upon installation. If your roof is nearing its estimated life expectancy, it’s crucial to get an inspection done to ensure deterioratin hasn’t started. Your roof inspector will also advise you of when the ideal time to get a roof replacement is.

Another Trip Around The Sun

Regular roof inspections are the only way to prevent severe and costly damage. It’s recommended to have your roof inspected once or twice a year by a professional who will look for any concerning signs and recommend the needed repairs.  

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