Common Exterior Paint Problems

When homeowners are looking to create a brighter, more rustic look for their home, many of them opt to paint their home’s exterior.  While this seems like a good idea, exterior paint faces a number of problems in terms of durability and appearance. These are just some of the most common exterior paint problems.

Frequent Upkeep

No matter what climate you live in, your home takes a serious beating from Mother Nature. Between  pouring rain in the spring, blistering sun in the summer, and heavy snows and chemical melters in the winter, the sides of your home need to be covered in something very durable.

Even the toughest exterior paint needs to be refreshed every two to three years in order to maintain its integrity. While that may not seem like too often, if you’re the one who has to paint your entire home or pay someone to do so, those two years can fly by and the maintenance can start to be frustrating.

Sagging Paint

A big issue that comes about when people try to make exterior painting a DIY project is that they put on too heavy of a layer of paint. This can cause the paint to sag or droop creating an unsightly appearance.

Peeling Paint

If your paint was applied to a surface that was still wet or dirty or the paint was low-quality, it can start to peel.  Not only is this unsightly, but it leaves your home vulnerable to damage.

Blistering Paint

When paint starts to blister, tiny air bubbles start to appear under the surface of the paint. This is typically caused by applying the paint in direct sunlight or because of moisture that gets underneath the paint due to any number of issues.

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