5 Common Spring Roofing Problems

Spring is in full swing! Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to give your home’s exterior the care and attention it needs after enduring harsh weather conditions and cold temperatures. Your roof may have suffered some damage or issues, so be sure to carefully check your roof or have a professional roofer come to give a thorough inspection. 

Here are some of the most common spring roof issues every homeowner should be aware of: 

Nesting Animals

As the weather gets colder, your backyard critters will search for a safe spot to make their nest and keep warm. If your roofing system has any loose pieces, your chimney is dormant, or any area of your roof looks appealing to these animals, they may have built their own temporary home in these spaces. Listen for animal sounds or an increasing number of animals around your property. If you suspect any issues, call your local roofer to inspect and have any animals safely removed by a local company.

Clogged Gutters

Leaves, dirt, sticks, and more have likely gathered in your gutter system, creating serious clogs that need to be fixed. Gutters serve an important function to protect your home and roof, so adding gutter cleaning to your to-do’s is crucial. If repairs or a replacement is necessary, get it done as soon as possible, too.

Worn-out Chimney

Your chimney may have also suffered from the harsh weather conditions, especially if you live in an older home. Water can seep into any cracks in your chimney, and then when the temperatures drop at night, the water can expand and push out bricks and mortar that make up the structure. As this cycle continues, your chimney can collapse and damage your roof. 

Shingles Missing or Damaged

Your roof’s shingles may have been broken, torn, or completely blown off, and they need to be replaced soon; otherwise, more severe damage can result. This is especially the case if the initial installation wasn’t completed properly.

Roof Leaks

With the increased rain during the spring season, you may notice active leaks in your house that likely are caused by roof damage. Calling your local expert roofers as soon as possible is necessary to protect your home from further, costly damage and a potential total roof replacement.

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