Tips To Prepare For Daylight Savings

The time changes this Sunday! For most of us, it means the days will be longer, and we’ll have more sunlight in the evenings. The downside? It could cause a bit of a bump in your daily routine or the structure of your home. So, now is the time to start preparing for this change so that you can transition into these longer days with ease! 

Daylight Savings is Coming: How To Prepare Your Home And Yourself

Get Plenty of Sleep

Springing forward means losing an entire hour of sleep! Sleep helps our bodies recover from any wear and tear that may have happened during the day, as well as help us reset our biological clock, so we’re ready for a new day. So, be sure to try and get to bed a little earlier this Saturday night. It won’t do you any good falling behind on sleep. 

Change Your Clocks

We live in a day and age where many of our devices and clocks will update automatically. However, every now and then, there are a few that will need to be changed manually. From your car clock to that timer on your oven, remember to put them all ahead by one hour. 

Clean Your Windows

Skipping ahead an hour also means longer days! With the sun sticking around more daily, that means it’s time to let the light into your home. So, give your windows a good clean so that the sun’s rays can reach in and give you some warmth and comfort this spring season; it will feel like a breath of fresh air! 

Get Your Roof Inspected

Daylight savings is one of the first marks of the change in season. We’re springing forward towards spring, and the spring season means lots of rain is on the way. Get your roof inspected for any cracks or breaks in the shingles or structure — that way, you can get through the season seamlessly and avoid any water damage issues. 

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