Why Is My Home’s Siding Warping?

If, while outside your home, you notice that your siding has started to droop, buckle, or twist, then you’ve unfortunately encountered what’s referred to as warped siding. Not only does it look unattractive, but it can also be a sign of serious concern for the safety and well-being of your house’s structural integrity.

What Causes Vinyl Siding to Melt?

Vinyl is a type of plastic, and like other plastics, it can melt when exposed to too much heat over time. When the air becomes hotter, and the sun directs more thermal energy onto your siding, warping occurs, meaning the shape of the siding begins to change or droop. Poor quality siding panels or dark-colored siding are more likely to be warped in the heat. 

Frigid winters can also exacerbate this process since the vinyl then contracts as the temperatures drop, making the warping worse.  

What Should I Do If I Have Warped Siding?

If your home’s siding is warped, it’s essential to fix this issue so your home stays protected from the elements. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix to this problem. Your best option is to have the affected siding panels replaced since they can’t be brought back to their original shape and are no longer effectively protecting your home. On the brighter side, warping damage usually only occurs on one area or side of your house. 

When replacing your siding, consider a lighter color or a different material if there are concerns about your home’s climate and the continuation of siding warping. 

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