Roofing Vs. Siding: Which Should You Focus on This Winter

As winter gets closer and closer, it’s easy to start stressing about all the dangers the season brings with it. Even if we don’t get a lot of snow this year, hail and freezing temperatures will still be likely. So, homeowners should start thinking about their homes and what this means for exterior parts such as your roof or siding. Which is in more danger this season? We have a full breakdown for you: 

Types of Winter Roof Damage

Roofing is a big concern for many homeowners because snow and ice will pile up quickly, causing significant damage. Roofs also often leak in the wintertime due to temperature changes or if they have been damaged by hail. Your roof is the first line of defense against snow, rain, and hail. Be sure to check for wear and tear before this weather rolls in. 

Types of Winter Siding Damage

Many homeowners neglect to pay attention to the siding of their homes, but it is important for many reasons. One reason is that the siding will protect your home from more damage if a tree falls or something hits it during inclement weather. Another good reason to pay attention to this part of your home is that it helps keep the indoor temperature warm in the winter by keeping your heating inside and the cool air outside. 

It acts like the blanket of your humble abode, wrapping its way around your family to keep everyone safe. 

Which Should You Focus On?

While both areas need to be taken care of, we recommend focusing on siding first because it will protect against more damage types. Siding protects your home from weather like wind, rain, sun damage (UV rays), ice dams (accumulation of ice that builds upon the eaves), and mold growth because it keeps moisture out of your walls. 

However, this does not mean that your roofing should be neglected! Be sure to give both areas a good assessment and contact the professionals if you notice anything wrong. 

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